Women's Hospital of Greensboro offers a waterbirth experience but certain medical conditions does not allow for a waterbirth, please check with your provider. 

There are only two practices in the Greensboro area that offer waterbirth as a delivery option.
  • Women's Hospital Faculty Practice
  • Wendover OB/GYN 

Women's Hospital of Greensboro does NOT provide the pool for waterbirth, parents are required to purchase their own pool and all of the supplies, which can be very costly. For mothers that want the waterbirth experience but not the expense 4 Moms 2 Be offers a pool rental and management service.  
Rental Options:

Option 1
The BASIC pool rental package includes: 
The pool, liner, hose, scoop net, thermometer, sink adapter, air and drain pumps, set up/tear down instruction and a 3-week rental window starting on or just before your 39th week of pregnancy.  Your doula, partner or family member will be responsible for pick up, set up, filling, cleaning and returning the pool to us. You will need to assign someone from your support team to maintain a safe and comfortable water temperature. A cleaning fee of $50.00 will be charged to your credit card if the pool is returned dirty. Delivery and pick up service is available; $5 each way within the Greensboro area or $15.00 each way outside of Greensboro.  

Our fee for this Basic Package is $180.00

Option 2
The ALL-INCLUSIVE pool rental package includes: The pool, liner, hose, scoop net, thermometer, sink adapter, air and drain pumps. A pool manager that will be on-call 24/7 ready to deliver your pool starting at your 37th week. Your pool manager will provide an educational consultation for maximizing your water birth experience. We will deliver, set up the pool and leave detailed instructions for maintenance.
We will return within 1 hour of notification of the baby’s birth or when the pool is no longer needed. We will take care of the break down and all of the cleaning up.

The only thing that your birth team is responsible for is maintaining an appropriate temperature while you are using the pool, and notifying your pool manager upon arrival of the baby. We are on call for you starting at your 37th week all the way to the 42nd week of pregnancy. A cleaning deposit and a delivery fee is not required with this package. 

Our fee for this All-Inclusive package is $280.00

Both options are required to be paid in full before the 37th week of pregnancy

The Benefits of Water Birth
Increase comfort and mobility
Reduce stress and promotes relaxation
Helps relax pelvic floor
Helps tissue stretch
Reduces the need for interventions
Reduces cesarean section rates
Provides a drug free for of pain management
An easier transition from the "Womb to Room"

What is included with the pool rental?
We have two rental options, the Basic and the All-Inclusive package.  Labor is very unpredictable so to ensure you will have the pool when you need it please read each package in detail and select the one that best fits your needs.  

The both packages includes the pool and all the supplies you will need including the hoses, scoop net, thermometer, sink adapter, air and drain pump. 

The Basic package allows you to pick up and keep the pool for up to 3 weeks (21 days) starting on or just prior to your 39th week of pregnancy.  If you go into labor after 37 week but before 39 weeks, call us for pick up or delivery options.  With this option your doula, partner or family member must pick up, set up, fill, manage, take down and drop off the pool. Care instruction will be given at the time of pick up. 

The All-Inclusive package includes all the above PLUS a pool manager that will be on call 24/7 ready to deliver your pool starting from you 37th week.  Your pool manager will provide an educational consultation for maximizing your water birth experience.  She will delivery, set up the pool, leave detailed instructions for care and maintenance throughout the labor.  She will return within 1 hour of notification of the baby's birth or when the pool is no longer needed. She will take care of the break down and all of the clean up.

Is there a security deposit needed?
No, you will not be required to leave a security deposit BUT.....................

The Basic package requires the pool to be returned in the same condition that you received it. A cleaning fee of $50.00 will be charge to your credit card if the pool is returned dirty.   

The All-Inclusive package does not have a cleaning fee.  Cleaning is a part of the All-Inclusive service. 

As a part of the rental agreement you understand that if the pool is returned damaged in any way your credit card will be charged a damage fee of $250.

FAQ’s About The Waterbirth Pools And Rental Service
What is the refund policy?
The rental fee is non-refundable except under the following two circumstances:
1) If you no longer meet the criteria as a waterbirth candidate as deemed by your OB provider or Women's Hospital prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy, and you have     NOT take possession of the pool (option 1 or 2) an 80% refund will be given within 30 days.

    If you no longer meet the criteria as a waterbirth candidate as deemed by your OB provider or Women's Hospital after 37 weeks of pregnancy a refund will    
    NOT be given but you can receive two free visit for either postpartum care or lactation consultations.  All lactation services will be provided by an Internationally     Board Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLC. 

2) If a pool manager does not show up, a full refund will be given within 30 days of delivery.  *This does not apply if you do not notify the pool manager in a timely     manner.

3) If at anytime for a non-medical reason you change your mind and no longer want the pool, there will be NO refunds or considerations given.

What is the delivery area?
Option 1, the Basic pool rental package MUST be pick up and returned. Delivery and pick up (only) service is available: $5.00 each way in the Greensboro area, $15.00 each way outside the Greensboro area.

Option 2, the All Inclusive pool rental package includes delivery in the Greensboro area. Delivery in the Triad but outside of the Greensboro area is an additional charge of $15.00 each way.

What is the risk of puncturing the pool?
Each pool has been inflated and inspected to ensure there are no defects.  Please use common sense precautions to minimize the risk of puncturing:
    - Keep pets away from the pool, both in storage and when inflated. 

    - Prepare the floor where the pool will be, i.e., sand, vacuum, sweep thoroughly to remove sharp objects.

    - If the pool is gong on a floor that might have jagged edges, be sure to cover the floor with plastic sheet ore cloth first.  

    - Take care when handling the pool.  We advise against moving the pool between rooms when inflated to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.  

    - Remove all jewelry prior to using the pool. 

Are the pools easy to set up?
YES! All of our pools are designed to be set up in less than 20 minutes, though the filling may take an hour or so depending the water source. Each birth pool comes with detailed care instruction.

What temperature should the water be?
The birth pool should be filled at the temperature intended for use. This largely depends on your comfort level – however it is very important never to exceed 101 degrees Fahrenheit.  

How do I keep the water warm? 
When you are in the birthing pool, you should feel comfortable, but not too warm. In labor, the water should be maintained according to your comfort between 95-100°C. You should always use the thermometer provided with your supply kit to measure the water temperature. Temperature monitoring every hour and adjusting temperature by removing and adding water can be attended to effectively by the woman's doula, partner or family member without great difficulty. We recommend that you keep a clean bucket handy to empty water before topping up, if the water level is already at the recommended maximum. 

Can I use a heater in Birth Pool? 
NO, do not use of any kind of heater with the Birth Pool. There is a risk of melting the wall of the pool, creating a hole in the pool and posing significant risk of shock. 

How do I get in and out of the Pool?
Step in/out of pool, plus the handles can be used for extra support.

How do I use a birth pool for labor and birth? 
You can use the pool to find the most comfortable positions to labor and/or give birth. Having a birth pool does not mean that you will need to or want to have a water birth. The benefits of labor in water alone are worth the investment. Your partner or birthing companion may get in the pool to help support you, or provide support/massage from outside the pool according to preference. Some women like to hold onto something solid when they are in the pool. The sturdy handles are designed for this purpose.

Are the birth pools deep enough for a safe birth? 
The depth of water in your birth pool is an important consideration, especially if you are planning on giving birth to your baby in the pool. A woman needs at least 18" of water in order for the buoyancy effect of water to benefit her labor. For birth in the pool, it is critical that the baby remain completely underwater until its head is deliberately brought to the surface, hence minimizing the potential for the breathe reflex to be stimulated underwater. All of our pools provide a minimum of 20" of water depth.

How do I fill the Birth Pool? 
Fill your pool with the hose that is included with the pool supplies. It is connected to faucet a tap connector. Filling time varies widely according to the water pressure. Never pour boiling water near the sides or near a person in the pool.

When do I fill the Birth Pool? 
For a first-time mother, a good guideline is to begin filling when contractions are regular and between 3-4 minutes apart for one hour. For subsequent births, begin filling the birthing pool when contractions are 5 minutes apart.  

How do I keep the water clean after I have filled the pool?
In many cases you will give birth before needing to worry about the water but all standing water needs be treated with chemicals or drained and refilled every 48 hours. You do this to keep bacteria from growing. We do NOT recommending treating with chemicals because they produce a gas that is harmful if inhaled or ingested.  

How do I empty the pool? 
This is a question of convenience versus cost. If you’re giving birth in a hospital or birth center, you will need to empty, pack up and remove the pool from the room quickly to make it available for others.

Will my insurance cover the cost of renting a birth pool?
Some insurance companies have realized that the benefits of a water birth far and reimbursing $200-$300 is far less expensive than an epidural or narcotics. A few insurance companies will offer reimbursement for pool rental. We suggest calling your insurance carrier to see if your policy has this coverage. 4 Moms 2 be will NOT bill or communicate with your insurance company on your behalf. We will provide you with an invoice stating that you rented a piece of durable medical equipment (DME), which was used for the purpose of therapeutic pain management.